Start Your Journey Towards Wellness

Empower yourself to reach your fitness potential


Do you struggle with


“I struggle with staying consistent.”

You’ll build friendships and confront challenges that keep you on track and coming back for more.


“I have always started working out but, always stop before I get anywhere.”

We have a community to keep pushing you to reach your fitness goals.

Workout Planning

“I find myself doing the same exercises over and over and aren’t reaching my goals.”

We have the ability to
modify your workout, based on where you are and where you want to go.

Time Management

“I don’t have time to workout.”

Sound familiar? This is a common excuse we come up with to prevent us from starting something difficult.


Benefits and Outcomes


Sign up for your No Sweat Intro

Book a Free No Sweat Intro Session with one of our professional coaches. We’ll show you around, discuss your goals and give you a plan of action.


Graduate from Foundations Class

If needed we’ll get you started in a special small group class. This is designed to make sure you have the basics down.


Enjoy the Journey of Fitness

You know the basics, have a plan and a community to motivate you. Now it’s time to get on the road of becoming the fittest version of yourself.

Member Experiences

Wellness Revolution CrossFit has completely changed the way I look at exercise. The coaching staff is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to making everyone who comes through the door a better athlete. The class times are accommodating to all types of schedules; professionals, moms, students, etc. Also, you’ll meet some wonderful people. Definitely recommend this gym to any on the fence.

~Parker Davis

I joined Wellness Revolution a few months ago and I’m so glad I did. The coaches are fantastic and always know how to break down a movement to teach you how to do it properly, and how to scale it when necessary. Everyone genuinely cheers each other on and the friendly atmosphere make it a great place to call my workout home. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a box in the Little Rock area.

~Kristen Lynch

Wellness Revolution has something for everyone. You’ll feel at home the moment you walk in the door. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and provide a comprehensive approach to your heath and wellness. I participated in the 2018 Challenge this year to kick start the year and get me moving the right direction. It’s been a great experience and has given me the boost I needed!

~Kerri Nelson Brunen