Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Building Your Health And What To Do About It

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb 


Damned if it ain’t true! This might sound painfully obvious, but now, this very second, well maybe after you finish reading this, is the best time to take action. This might be to improve your diet, to start working out, or any other health-building practice.


Smitty Smith

Before the entire world started slowing down and in some parts, shutting down, many of us moved throughout our day packing in as much as possible. We often neglected to build our most precious resource to combat COVID-19, our health.


While many people are harping on the adverse effects the pandemic is imposing on their “normal” life, I’ve taken this opportunity and encourage you to reflect on what may be a blessing in disguise. I’ve taken the opportunity to intentionally shift the focus my attention to aspects of my health that were not given ample attention previously, and so should you! Perhaps that means you let work and life responsibilities superseded your focus on personal health and fitness. Or, if you were like me, you allotted more attention to some aspects of health and neglected others. Whatever the case may be, now is the best time to start building a more robust level of health.


Here is how to start; small daily actions focusing on the process of change rather than the end result. That sounds weird! Why should I focus on the process rather than the goal?!?!


Let me answer a question with a question again (see my blog post about 5 functional foods and fluids HERE); How do you build a house?


Ahhh…. now you get it. There is a process to the end result, and it has to be done by setting a firm foundation, then frame it, and so on. As the project progresses, it begins to take the form of the end goal, a home. To be honest, I’ve never built a house, but you get the idea. It takes time, and certain things must be in place before you can take the next step.


To further the analogy, let’s look at nutritional equivalent. A not so hypothetical client set up a nutritional coaching session to help lose some weight. As the meeting started, it was apparent, the client wanted a very detailed, down to the smallest macro diet plan along with a list of dietary supplements they need to be taking. To their surprise, this is not what I provided right off the bat. Instead, I asked them if they were consistently eating whole foods that are minimally processed and consuming ample water throughout the day? The answer was no.


As you might guess, the client did not leave the session with what they initially expected. Instead, a list of actionable process steps they could, without a doubt, be successful for the next two weeks. During the next meeting we had, we built on those steps. Over a few months, they continued to succeed. They ultimately reached the goal of losing weight, even without the need for an elaborate plan.


Now it’s your turn, begin by creating small actionable changes that you can perform with a high success rate and build on regularly.


If you have questions about where to begin, we are here to help and answer your questions about fitness, nutrition, and what will be the best course of action for you. Now get to it!



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