Taylor James

"CrossFit is a very personable workout program"

I’m Taylor James, and I’ve been doing CrossFit here at Wellness Revolution about a year in March.

CrossFit has improved my life, mostly by giving me a better perspective on exercise, just overall wellness. I used to worry a lot about numbers, or just how much I weigh or how many calories am I burning. And now it’s more about, different numbers. How much more can I lift? How much stronger can I get? How much more can I do? It’s more about my strength overall than just about what I look like or how much I weigh. So that’s been a great burden lifted from me..not worrying so much about the scale or how I look in a certain outfit. It’s about being strong.

If you’re trying CrossFit for the first time, I would say, not to underestimate yourself. You can kind of come in here and get really overwhelmed and intimidated by the rig, the heavy weights… but just know that CrossFit is good about catering to you and your certain strengths and your abilities, no matter where you are in your health. Or in your age, in your fitness ability. We can scale things. If you’re super fit, we can make it harder for you. I think CrossFit is a very personable workout program. It’s something I would encourage you to look into, because anyone can do it.

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