Adam Hoxeng

"There's something for you no matter what limitations or reservations you have. And a lot of time, those limitations can be changed with CrossFit."

My name Adam Hoxeng, I’m 18 years old. I’ve been training at Wellness Revolution CrossFit since 2014.

I wanted to join CrossFit because it’s a damn good work out and it’s a damn good community. I’m training with CrossFit to do the best that I can at my Army physical fitness tests that are coming up in my very near future, and to be the best Army officer that I can. And in order to be the best army officer I can be, I’ll be attending the US Military Academy at West Point.

As fas the mental side of CrossFit, if you can just tell yourself that today you’re doing what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. I think that’s the most powerful thing you can know mentally about yourself. When I started CrossFit, I had the seed for that mentality. It was always there within me, but I needed something to nurture it and get it to really grow and become a full fledge part of who I am. And CrossFit has definitely done that for me.

One of my first workouts I did when I started CrossFit was Murph in 2014. I did that workout with no vest on. I committed to myself that one day I was going to do the full thing, RX, with the weight vest. Just this past May, I did it with the full weight vest and I was very proud of that because it’s in honor of our servicemen and women. It’s something I care very deeply about so it was a great goal for me to accomplish.

If someone was interested in CrossFit but had some reservations, I would tell them to just go try it. You’re never going to know until you go out there and do it. You may be intimidated by more talented or skilled movements, but there’s a scale for almost everything, and there’s multiple scales for everything. There’s something for you no matter what limitations or reservations that you have. And a lot of time, those limitations can be fixed or changed or made better as a result of CrossFit. I think there’s nothing to lose to just trying it. Most everyone would like it if they just tried it.

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