Donna Quimby

"Remaining healthy is my main reason"

My name is Donna Quimby. I am a retired professor from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, from the Department of Health and Human Performance. I taught exercise, physiology, and nutrition. I’ve been [at Wellness Revolution CrossFit], it’ll be 5 years this coming August.

The main reasons that I really liked CrossFit, because it was always something new. There’s always something different, a different way to do something. And it is using basically your body weight, as well as free weights, along with gymnastic moves. Which are all, really great at maintaining strength and increasing lean body mass. So I think that was one of the, you know, driving forces for me, with CrossFit, and being interested with it.

Health. Period. That’s it. I’m not ever going to be great competitor in this. That’s never been my objective for coming to CrossFit. Remaining healthy is my main reason.

I’ve learned how to be able to do push ups without any real problem. I can put weights over my head that I couldn’t before. So, basically, I’ve increased in strength. But I’ve lost probably, since retiring from UALR and being at the gym more consistently, I’ve lost a good 10-12, maybe 13 pounds.

My goals now are one, to increase inflexibility because that’s one major aspect that I really need some work on. And [two], to really increase and not decrease in strength as I age. So, those things are very important to me.

Just know that it’s not all about working out. It’s also about a community of people. They become like family. So I think that’s a real, kudos.

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