Wes Wilson

CrossFit, Personal Training
Wes Wilson


  • NCPT certified 2004
  • Crossfit L1 2012
  • USAW L1 2013
  • Crossfit Movement & Mobility 2014
  • Crossfit L2 2015


As a kid I loved sports, and gravitated toward new challenges. I discovered early that practice and good coaching made competing much more enjoyable. In college I began a personal training job at a local gym and there I found my passion for helping people reach their fitness goals. In 2011, everything changed one afternoon following my first WOD. Crossfit was exactly what I was looking for. A program that was based on movement and performance not aesthetics. Since then, I have coached individuals that range from young to elderly, college soccer players to soccer moms and everything in between.



Perfecting the mechanics of human movement to advance the quality of life. Although each athlete may have different physical goals, the first should be to learn how to move properly. Once established, the application of sound movement patterns into everyday tasks begins the journey of a healthy and happy life.

When I am leading a class or coaching one-on-one, my focus is a fun and productive environment. Using the best results-based training and nutritional principles with a heavy dose of encouragement, accountability, creativity and laughter.

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