Mitch Stout


  • Ben Davis High School – 2005 (Honors)
  • Ivy Tech C.C. (Indy) – Associates – Public Safety (Concentration: Fire Science) – 2010

Mitch Stout

CrossFit, Personal Training, Boot Camp


Grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana all my life playing sports starting around the age of 3. My competitive drive and father’s work ethic made me put full effort into every sport I tried growing up. I played soccer, baseball, wrestling, basketball, football, and track. I’ve been a traveling husband since August 2010. My wife, Jessie, is currently in Fellowship at UAMS. We have lived in Kansas City, MO / Columbia, MO / currently in Little Rock with all you lovely people.

You could call me an old man when it comes to doing CrossFit (since September 2009). Found CrossFit after being burnt out from long distance running and globo gym routine. I was trying to find that competitive edge & drive again I had when I played sports growing up. I’ve never looked back and have enjoyed the journey we call CrossFit.



Ever since I’ve found CrossFit in 2009, I have had the urge to spread the word of fitness to people every place I’ve landed. The influence it makes on us outside the box is what truly makes it special. The improved health and wellness CrossFit gives me and others today are an amazing feat. We have never seen this type of impact in the fitness industry. The simplicity and effectiveness is mind-blowing and coaching people to see them achieve what they never thought was possible is my true passion for coaching CrossFit.

Set goals. Set them high. You may not reach them, but I bet you accomplish something you never thought you could in the process. It never gets easier in CrossFit, but I can guarantee it gets less hard over time. I feel honored to join you on your journey here at WRCF and can’t wait to see you work your butt off every single day you walk into the gym.

Favorite WOD: “Amanda”
Least Favorite WOD: “The Seven”
WOD Music: Rick Ross (Lifting) / Beastie Boys (WOD)
Nicknames: Mitch, Sr. / Mitchy Moo / Mitch Froning
Loves: Beautiful wife, Jessie / Cats / PRs / Traveling



Childhood – competitive soccer player (until age 15), basketball, baseball, football
High School – football/track
College – football/track
Ran multiple 5ks, half marathons and adventure races



Coached by a national strength & conditioning coach winner in high school (2003-2005)
High School State Champion (Football – Class 5A – 2003)
Mental Attitude Award Winner – 2005 (High School Football)
NCAC Conference Champion – 2006 (D-III Football)
Ran three half marathons (PR = 1:46 = less running volume and more CrossFit!)
Participated in every single CrossFit Games Open (since 2011)
Finished Top 10% in my region (Central East & North Central) multiple CrossFit Opens since 2011
Participated in MANY CrossFit Competitions since 2011
2017 HOA Competition – Scaled – 3rd Place




  • Blast Fitness (Indy) L-1 trainer – April 2010 to August 2010
  • CrossFit on 18th L-1 trainer – 2010 to 2012
  • Former Owner/Trainer of CrossFit Memorial Hill (Kansas City, MO) – Sept 2012 to July 2014
  • Assistant Manager/Facilities Maintenance of CrossFit Fringe – December 2014 to June 2018
  • CrossFit L-1 Trainer – Original April 2010; Recertified May 2015
  • CrossFit L-2 Trainer – September 2017
  • Outlaw Way (Para Bellum Series) Camp
  • FuBarbell Seminar (Host/Participant)

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