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Kent Brunen


I’m from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and I found CrossFit and Wellness Revolution in 2016. I was tired of globo-gyms and at home workouts. As a former collegiate athlete, we had Olympic lifting incorporated into our workouts and fell in love with all of them (except the snatch…7’3” wingspan does not align with that movement…but I shall prevail one day). I craved something different and varied and intense and that’s what I found in CrossFit. My body responded better than any other training program I’ve been a part of throughout my athletic career. But most importantly and continually, it’s the people and community that means the most to me and my wife, Kerri, who joined shortly after me.

I want to pay forward what my first CrossFit coaches taught me when I first started out. Coaching for me is pure fun and I love seeing the “firsts” for new and existing CrossFit’ers. And if I can be a small part of that…that means more than any personal PR I’m striving for.

Have fun and when the buzzer goes off…it’s go time. See what you’re capable of today. Rinse and repeat tomorrow.

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