Jill Bowerman

CrossFit, KidFit
Jill Bowerman


  • CF L-1, MSPT


I was born in Alamosa, CO and then lived in the Dallas area. I attended undergrad at Northwestern State University in Louisiana, then Masters in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. I am a mother to two great, smart boys who enjoy sports and competing. I am passionate about competing, pushing myself, and teaching new athletes and kid athletes how to move well.
My husband and I found Wellness Revolution CrossFit in 2015 when we moved here from Dallas. We started because they were close by, but stayed for the amazing facilities and coaches. We love the “whole body wellness” motto at Wellness Revolution CrossFit. My favorite part of coaching is teaching newer athletes techniques, strategies, and proper movements to enable them to move better each day! I also really enjoy the motivation part of coaching – getting more out of someone than they knew they had.
My fitness philosophy is to listen to your body. Push yourself a little bit past when it’s telling you “no” but rest accordingly. Rest is just as important as appropriate intensity. And your food is your fuel. What you eat is as important as your exercise.

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